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Since : March 20, 2017  - Updated: July 24, 2018

OpenSource: Quantum Computing


Microsoft’s new coding language is made for quantum computers (ภาษาใหม่ พร้อม !)

Microsoft is effectively building a language for computers that don't really exist yet. The most advanced experimental machine, a 16/17 qubit model, was built by IBM and has run over 300,000 experiments. It's far from being ready for commercial applications, though. Big Blue recently unveiled an initiative to build commercial quantum computers called IBM Q, and has already released its own programming tools via an API called the IBM Quantum Experience.

Microsoft's programming language doesn't have a name yet, but the company already has plans for quantum computing in AI. In particular, it thinks that the machines could be used to train its Cortana digital assistant in days instead of months. "Even if everything else was the same, Cortana would improve 30 times faster," Microsoft's research chief Craig Mundie says.


Google's Quantum Computing Playground

(แบบจำลองของกูเกิล ย้ำ !  ของ"จำลอง" เพื่อความคุ้นเคยกันก่อน)

Quantum Computing Playground is a browser-based WebGL Chrome Experiment. It features a GPU-accelerated quantum computer with a simple IDE interface, and its own scripting language with debugging and 3D quantum state visualization features. Quantum Computing Playground can efficiently simulate quantum registers up to 22 qubits, run Grover's and Shor's algorithms, and has a variety of quantum gates built into the scripting language itself.

Rigetti Quantum Computing

(API ของใหม่ที่ยังต้องใช้เวลาถามหา พิสูจน์ เรียนรู้กับกับ

บริษัท start up ควอนตัมคอมฯที่มาแรง มาก !)

Rigetti Computing is building a cloud quantum computing platform for artificial intelligence and computational chemistry. Rigetti recently opened up private beta testing of Forest, its API for quantum computing in the cloud. Forest emphasizes a quantum-classical hybrid computing model, integrating directly with existing cloud infrastructure and treating the quantum


API ของ IBM กับสารพันงาน เช่น AI อัลกอริธึมโกรเวอร์ (Grover) หรือแบบ Deutch ฯลฯ ลองมาเล่นกัน ... เต็มที่

Fujitsu : 1QBit

1QBit is dedicated to building quantum and quantum-inspired software to solve the world’s most demanding computational challenges.


Microsoft Quantum Katas

The Microsoft Quantum Katas are a series of self-paced tutorials aimed at teaching elements of quantum computing and Q# programming at the same time. Each kata offers a sequence of tasks on a certain quantum computing topic, progressing from simple to challenging. Each task requires you to fill in some code; the first task might require just one line, and the last one might require a sizable fragment of code. A testing framework validates your solutions, providing real-time feedback.

Frederic T. Chong, Diana Franklin & Margaret Martonosi

Nature 549, 180–187 (14 September 2017) doi:10.1038/nature23459

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