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Understanding quantum information technology (QuantumIT), is that the two sides of the same coin. This kind of technology has been applying with quite a high potential. However, that quantum based technology is also appeared to the public not only in positive side of its benefit, but also misled to negative attitude showing serious dramatic fraud.

Meanwhile those impressive scientific development have been showing but they are still in just a small group of people mostly in academia. However, another side of the same coin, there are a number of frauds by entitling “quantum” in many kind of products and services (nothing related to quantum mechanics) such as quantum pedant, bracelet, thermos bottle, cosmetics, health checker, or accessories, with miracle promoted specifications and results. In addition, a higher number of scandals from misconducted researches have been found in academic society. These negative impacts cover wider group of people and easier to be accessed. This dark side of the coin leads to high lost and destroyed many parts of science community. In conclusion, quantum technology is acknowledged to be an extremely difficult topic to understand and explain, public attitude is still in doubt with its related technology around the globe. But there is also evidence of conditional acceptance of the emerging technologies and in use today. We then have to aware both sides of this coin.

Q-Thai forum was founded at early 2000s as an independent, nonprofit source of accurate information on the latest news of QuantumIT. Today, our mission remains the same: to empower people to evaluate the related. Recently, it has been expanded from those initial QuantumIT to cover more related or nearby field shaping into "Quantum Information and Communications Technology (QICT)". Covering also to classical communications engineering or ICT, this new wider area should bridge to higher number of non-technical background users as the goal.

Thus, this news digest page offers a summary of an important related QICT-news of each day. The main stories appear summarized and presented in a way that always highlights the key pieces of information. Each QICT news piece is created from various sources of information with over a decade of Q-Thai forum, LED SmartCon forum, and Thai Telecom Knowledge Management's experiences. All topics is shown in simple form with necessary citations. This QICT-FactCheck page, started on early 2021 and targeted being another sustainable KM portal, is published by OQC academy and technical sponsored by IEEE ComSoc Thailand chapter. 

Enjoy learning and check related fact !

January 8, 2021

IEEE ComSoc Thailand chapter

K Sripimanwat - chair

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