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Since Dec 22, 2018 


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"Light & Quantum Milestones: History for the Future"

... kcik off Jan 1, 2019

Project Summary

Dec 22, 2018

1:30 pm

This project dedicates to represent related “Light & QuantumIT” histories between the world’s and those coincided stories of Thailand in order to supporting public understanding on these recent global challenges. It is expected that these easy access outputs will be a stimulating source of basic Light & QuantumIT knowledge and its development for the public, and will also compliment student's study, significantly improve their technological literacy and provide awareness of the engineering role in developing technologies. This project will give IEEE a good exposure to the Thai societies and a chance to make a great contribution to the Thai educational system. In addition, it could also support in reducing educational inequality from the digital divide.

With the impression to various development based on the story of light and quantum technology and with the past experiences of IEEE Thailand section on “IEEE virtual museum” (Thai translated-2006) and “IEEE and Thai communications: history & milestones (2011)”, it is developed to this new contributed project. Inspiringly, when their milestones from the beginning up to present time with pictures is styled in an enhanced form, they should appeal to non-technical users or for public understanding.

Generally, this project will publish a pictorial book including supported medias (web, video, exhibition KIT, and attractive timeline-poster) those enhanced with fascinating artwork including simple “when & how” content in order to inspire and expose general audiences with minimum background to the world of Light & QuantumIT technology.

Materials such as pictures, contents, and others will be solicited from various sources (Engineering and Technology History-WiKi, national archives, electricity authorities of Thailand, and many other creative common sources) supporting with former achievements of technical books from IEEE ComSoc Thailand (optical & quantum communications at and The output will be a gift of knowledge freely put into public use and reference. Initially, a hundred books with 1,000 timeline-posters will be made and donated mostly to schools, academic institutes, and others around the country via the contact with IPST (Thai Ministry of Education) and MWIT (Mahidol Wittayanusorn) science school network. This project will organize at least four talks including seminars and exhibitions at related conferences and at the national lighting (LED) exhibition. All results will be served unlimitedly with its online versions (eBook, recorded talks and other videos, pictorial timeline, and other contents). A blog will be set up for collaborative updating of the book which allows future expansion.


Eventually, public understanding and awareness on another important couple topics in order to address global challenges on the forthcoming fourth industrial revolution, could be achieved through this project - “the talk of pictorial history for the future !”

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