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Quote (October 2022) - Emma McKay

"To me, protein and materials simulation is the most compelling application of quantum computing. It could lead to advances in medicine, and I’m reluctant to criticize technology that can do that. But in terms of the number of people affected, the major problems with medicine are not drugs. It’s more that people don’t have enough access to medical care. The COVID vaccine isn’t even available worldwide"

"I recognize to some degree that I’m comparing apples to oranges. But I don't think that we should fool ourselves that we will make some incredibly dramatic impact on global health through quantum computing. What we really need is a political global order that is able to share medical resources"

APS news - September 2022 (Volume 31, Number 8) Should We Build Quantum Computers at All?

A Q&A with Emma McKay, quantum physicist turned quantum skeptic.

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